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Flight Scope
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At P.Fit golf, we understand the benefits that technology can offer to golfers of all levels.  Advancements in golf technology have provided both students and instructors with tools that can provide instant feedback and incredibly precise details about the swing that are critical to the learning process.


In the studio, we are pleased to offer the FlightScope 3D. 

This Doppler radar-based swing analysis system has become popular among many of the leading golf academies, clubmakers and fitters, and tour professionals.














The FlightScope 3D technology, combined with the industry-leading V1 Pro software system, goes beyond traditional launch monitors.  The 3D ball tracking capabilities and analysis software offers golfers an unprecedented look at their golf swing, and can measure variables such as:


  • Ball speed and club head speed

  • Vertical and horizontal launch angles and club attack angles

  • Sidespin and backspin  

  • Club face angle      


All of this information is combined to provide users with an instant, 3D view of the trajectory and ball flight that can help instructors provide critical feedback, and students with a better understanding of their own golf swings.  It can also help clubfitters make recommendations so golfers get the most from their equipment.

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